Legal & Justice Reform

Legal Due Diligence

E-justice learning

Transitional Justice

Justice and governance research, legal information and surveys

Dispute resolution (Arbitration)

Capacity building and training on legal issues

Tech solutions for justice problems

Organizing conferences and forums

medico legal Training

Conflict resolution and peace building

Access to justice, gender and child rights

Trainings and workshops

  • Improving the Legal Framework for Doing Business in Ethiopia
  • Law and Development and Legal Pluralism in Ethiopia.
  • Case flow management in Ethiopian Courts.
  • The Role of Courts in the Protection of Human Rights
  • Barriers of Access to justice in Ethiopia
  • Basic training of Medic0-Legal concepts in Ethiopia
  • Applying the Sectoral Approach to the Legal and Judicial Reform in Ethiopia
  • Civil Justice in Ethiopia
  • Criminal justice inEthiopia.